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Camera Doorbell Installation

In the past few years with the advancement of WiFi technology and the shrinking size of electronic components, camera doorbells emerged in the residential market. With camera doorbells, you can access your front door 24/7 from anywhere in the world and also from the international space station (just in case).

Fix Your Home D.C., LLC, has created checklist to use for installing a camera doorbell.



The transformer is the component that we don't see. It's usually located in an unfinished area of your house - sometimes by the main electrical panel - . its job is to convert the power that goes to the doorbell from 120v power into a lower voltage level (16v for most doorbells). if you use a wireless doorbell or a doorbell doesn't exist we will add one.  adding a transformer might require cutting and patching the drywall which is a simple task for us to do. The Picture below is a commonly used transformer for camera doorbell installation.

Click on the image to purchase from Amazon.

24 Volt Transformer, C Wire Adapter Thermostat, Competible with All Versions of Ring Doorbell and Thermostat for Nest Ecobee, Sensi and Honeywell, 315" Long Cable 24V Transformer

Internet Speed

The Camera Doorbell is in most cases connected to your internet service. the purpose of connecting it is to allow you to access your camera live video from anywhere. Fix Your Home D.C. have found over the years that most people pay the same for a package that they purchase from the internet provider more than 10 years ago. they would pay more for 50Mbps than they will pay for +800Mbps. in order to have a good live view of your cameras, a solid and fast internet connection is required. we highly encourage you to check your plan if you didn't for the past few years and shop around to see if a better one exists. be ready to change a provider.

Here are some links for comparing available plans:

Verizon Fios

Xfinity by Comcast


WiFi Signal Strength

The Camera Doorbell is in most cases connected to your internet service via WiFi. if your WiFi router is located on a different floor from your front door or in a faraway room The WiFi Signal might be too low for a smooth connection with your doorbell. for this, we recommend using a Mesh network system. not only it will get a good signal to your doorbell but it also will improve the overall WiFi Signal Throughout your home. 

Google Mesh - Click image to purchase through Amazon

Ring Doorbell

Fix Your Home D.C. Reccomends Ring Doorbell as your product of choice for Camera Doorbell. The Ring Doorbell has an intuitive and comprehensive App for your smartphone. it's a Brand name. they have 24/7 customer support. it's most sold camera doorbell in the United States. with that being said, we will install all kinds of doorbells. 

Ring Doorbell - Click image to purchase through Amazon

Fun Fact: "DoorBot" today known as "Ring is one of The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking:


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