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Patching can drive you crazy by adding too much mud, sanding for hours, having dust all over and being dissatisfied with the result.

At Fix Your Home D.C., LLC, we have perfected our patching service with years of practice. You can bet on us for getting your drywall or wood-paneled wall patched perfectly.

The Ideal Customer for our patching service will be as follows:

1) Homeowner, every now and then a homeowner will get into a situation where he needs patching to be done. a hole in the wall, a crack on the ceiling, drywall cut by a service person, etc. 

2) An investment property owner, now that you bought that investment property for the right price, you might be interested in adding some upgrades, it might be electrical, or some plumbing and HVAC additions, All in most cases will require patching.

Drywall Patching

Removing items like barn-door-rail in the photos below and patching the holes with three coats of mud and two coats of primer and paint is an example of our patching perfect service.

Barn door rail
Three coats of mud
Four big holes
Primer and paint two coats

Wood Panel Patching

Wood panel wall patching. with three coats of mud and two coats of primer and paint.

Finished product

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